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About Tirthankarasana (A Work on Jaina Yoga):

  • Publisher's blurb: The purpose of this book is not only to show the proper procedures of doing the poses, but also to spread light on dhyāna, mantra, and japa, and remember the kindness and grace showered upon us by great saints and svāmis. The writer is an accomplished mediator. The insights and essences he realized during many years of meditation have been published for the benefit of fortunate readers. The benefits of this book will be self-evident as you delve deeper into yogic practices. In this book on Jain Yoga, some poses are totally new while others have been dealt with in other works on yoga. The poses are named both traditionally and with the names of the Tīrthaṅkaras. For each asana, mantras are given to deepen the engagement with the poses on physical, mental, and spiritual levels.
  • Amazon blurb: Shanti Parakh's new book adds a unique perspective on Jaina yoga to the body of Jain scholarship. Using insights gained through his own meditation, the author associates each of the 24 Tirthankars (great teachers) of the Jain religion with specific asanas (yoga postures). The proper practice of these postures can help practitioners achieve both health and spiritual benefits. Shanti also includes rare mantras for each posture that can be chanted to intensify these benefits. Although the material is specialized, the writing style makes this valuable information accessible for anyone interested in yoga, meditation, or spiritual practices, as well as practicing Jains. (from amazon.com)
  • Bio: Shantilal D. Parakh is an internationally known yoga teacher, reflexologist, metaphysician and healer. He served for many years as the Vice-Chair of the International Mahavir Jain Mission Canada, having been appointed directly by the Chair and Founder, Acharya Sushil Kumar. Though he was educated in the sciences from IIT Bombay, he has been practicing yoga for over 50 years and has been reading palms and working on the hands and feet for over 45 years. Shanti has also won championships in Hatha Yoga.
  • Preface Tīrthaṅkarāsana pays homage to the 24 Jaina Tirthaṅkaras of the present era. It is the fruit of many years of meditation and sādhana. Piercing the veil of darkness and ignorance that obscures Reality is most difficult. True guidance often feels perpetually out of reach. But as I sat in meditation during that time of my life, the images of the Tīrthaṅkaras began to come alive, one-by-one, and revealed their deeper esoteric meanings. I could see clearly the lānchans or symbols of each Tīrthaṅkara, and as I practiced certain āsanas of Hatha Yoga, these āsanas became connected to each Tīrthaṅkara. What was in those symbols of the Tīrthaṅkaras? Were they only for the prescribed canonical purpose of differentiating each Tīrthaṅkara? Or was there some deeper, coded meaning? There must have been a very special reason why the Jaina ganādharas, ācāryas, and upādhyāyas created special symbols for all of the 24 Tīrthaṅkaras of the current ayasarpinī. These symbols assumed great importance to me because they shone a bright light on aspects of Hatha and Raja Yoga and connected Yoga to Jainism in a concrete way. After spending a long time in deep meditation and pondering the meanings of the lānchans, their deeper meaning and the linkages to Hatha yoga poses unmistakably began to emerge. It is impious to even think of changing the perfect knowledge contained within Haṭha Yoga or to modify the omniscience of Jaina principles. Fortunately, there is no need. Jaina principles exist in Haṭha Yoga and yogic principles exist in Jainism. Indeed, there have been a number of notable treatises on yoga written by Jaina Ācāryas, including those by Ācārya Bhadrabahu and Ācārya Hemacandra. This humble work is only the latest attempt to connect these two great traditions and demonstrate their essential unity, with a particular focus on āsana and mantra. Anything that you may find of value in this book is due to the blessings of elders and Divine beings; any deficiencies are mine alone for which I humbly ask your forgiveness. Please do not hesitate to contact me to share your experiences. May this book help unite the followers of all Jaina traditions and the followers of other religious traditions. May right faith, right vision and right conduct lead to universal peace and harmony, without and within. This is my humble prayer. (from ExoticIndia.com)

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