"New Beginnings " -Yoga Retreat (click to open)
March 16 thru 18
Mount Carmel Center
Niagara Falls, Ontario

There are many types of stars and galaxies. Some are small and others are very large. Some are relatively near and others are far beyond the range of our best telescopes. Yet, all galaxies pulsate with life and there is unity among them. Humans and animals also appear outwardly different but they too are united by a simple thread – the thread of prana, chi, life-force and soul force, consciousness.

We have Chinese, Canadian, Indian, and American doctors, healers, and health care givers. Outwardly they seem to differ by nationality and culture. But they are all united by their desire to lessen human suffering and to heal the mind, body, and spirit. We have all chosen different religions and spiritual paths but they all lead us to the same Creator. In our differences we find sameness. Let us unite our present selves with the highest self. Let us cast away darkness so we can see light. Let us throw away unrealities so we can experience true inner reality. Let us use true healing arts to become healthy and balanced and to realize that our unified soul is immortal.

On the first day of this retreat it sometimes seems that there are no common bonds or that everyone around us is a stranger. But in two short days we find ourselves united by friendship and love. Our minds, bodies, and souls are in harmony with one another. It will seem difficult to leave such good friends, our friends forever.... ................................... -Shanti Parakh

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- "Aum Great Om"

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