"One of the best vegetarian cookbooks I have seen!" - Buffalo, NY

"Anyone who is already a vegetarian or thinking of becoming a vegetarian should have this book. The recipes are easy to follow and all of the food tastes great! And for those who have never had Indian tea, I suggest you try this recipe following your first meal. The book ends with some priceless information about vitamins, minerals, and healthy living. A special feature of the book is the wonderful drawings by Deepa Parakh -- at first hardly noticed but then suddenly memorable. I gave this book to all my friends at Christmas, for their birthdays, etc."

"I love the somasas" - Williamsville, NY

"I have never been able to make somasas that turned out right. This is the perfect recipe for somasas! I found this book easy to follow. There are enough recipes of different types to surprise your friends every time you invite them for dinner."

COOKING CLASSES vegetarian Indian food with Kusum

Each course consists of four classes and includes preparation and tasting of bread, dessert, snacks and other delicious vegetarian dishes. Please call to set up a class time with Kusum (905) 374-3067


"Very tasty dishes which are easy to prepare!" - Toronto, Canada

"I've tried other Indian cookbooks and none have been as easy to follow as this one! Also, I appreciated the fact that the dishes were from Rajasthan, which is different from the usual regions represented (Punjab, the South, etc.). One of the most interesting parts of the book was the excerpt from John Robbins "Diet for a New America" at the end. Without being preachy or pompous, this book presents the benefits of a vegetarian diet and then answers the question of "What do I eat?!" Highly recommended for learning the basics of Indian vegetarian cooking!"


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